The Apple Band

In the summer of 2004, The Apple Band was formed. The idea was to re create Beatlemania – to entertain people with the music of the Beatles. The Apple Band have been seriously working on this project since then, in order to bring The Beatles music to the fans that loved them so much, and to the younger generations who did not have the opportunity to experience the Beatles.

In the 60’s, while the Beatles were in their prime. Each and every song has a special place in our hearts, and brings back so many memories.

The Apple Band has worked hours upon hours on their vocal harmonies, their stylish guitar parts, and that great rhythm that just made you feel good.

The Apple Band tries to imitate John, Paul, George, and Ringo, They have most all of the musical instruments that they used during their 1964 period, and will be dressing in the same style as the Beatles. Starting from the Mop Top era, to Sgt. Peppers, and to the Abbey Road look.

There are several other Beatle Tribute Bands in the United States and Europe. What set The Apple Band apart are their looks and the sound. Other bands has set members who will play, while withThe Apple Band will only get the best looking and best person during that date. They have the luxury in having reserves or alternates. All are A-class performers. The Apple Band is simply the best. It’s more than a tribute, it’s an experience.

SO, if you think you might like being entertained by a group of guys that have been seriously focused on recreating the music of the Beatles we would like for you to join us in singing, dancing, clapping your hands, stomping your feet, or just having a good laugh, while we play…The Beatles!